Money In The Mayor’s Race

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Friday was the last campaign finance filing deadline for the mayor’s race. Here’s the amounts raised and cash on hand for seven candidates as of April 10.

Dixon $234,069/$184,070

Embry $61,439/$197,542

McKesson $83,181/$88,881

Mosby (withdrew) $73,495/$93,305

Pugh $272,554/$202,915

Stokes $23,525/$40,053

Warnock $415,343 (includes $300K loan)/$85,439

Pugh and Dixon lapped the field in late contributions, reflecting their 1-2 status in the polls and public perception. Dixon outspent Pugh during the reporting period by $86,000 ($526K to Pugh’s $440K) but Pugh had spent much more in the earlier Preprimary 1 period by $589-$148K, building a small but consistent lead.

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