Early Vote Report: Day 1

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So far, early voting participation is up after one day. The State Board of Elections has a daily report during early voting and I’ll be giving you daily updates.

The BOE report has all kinds of data we don’t care about, like Republicans and all those little counties we only drive through on the way to somewhere else.

Before all you proud Talbot Countians get in your cars to drive 90 minutes to kill me, I’m kidding. But to you Republicans out there, no, I’m not. Don’t care.

Later today I’ll put together a spreadsheet by county but since I’m out early today and working on my phone, here’s some data points to think about until then.

Statewide, 27,071 Democrats voted early yesterday, representing 1.3% of registered Dems.

Here’s some big county data:

Anne Arundel 2,281 (1.48%)
Baltimore City 4,720 (1.59%)
Baltimore County 4,498 (1.48%)
Montgomery 4,468 (1.21%)
Prince George’s 4,676 (1.07%)

Montgomery County turnout, so dreadful in 2014, is much improved. There were around 5,000 more early votes in Prince George’s in 2014 than in Montgomery. At least after one day, that’s not going to happen this time.

That’s a start for now. More later.

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