Pelosi Joins The Chorus Ripping Anti-Van Hollen Ad

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Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi today added her voice to the many Democratic leaders trashing the Working for Us ad that yesterday drew the ire of the White House. Maybe Steve Rosenthal should take the hint? Maybe Donna Edwards should, too.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi blasted a Democratic super PAC that ran a gun control-themed attack ad in one of the most contentious Democratic primaries in the country, calling the video a disservice to the party.

The California Democrat in a news conference on Thursday said the ad — which backed Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards for Senate by suggesting Rep. Chris Van Hollen supported a pro-gun provision — was a “total misrepresentation of who was supporting that and where it came from.”

“I regret that I have to denounce the PAC that put out this ad,” said Pelosi, who was careful to praise both of her colleagues fighting for the Maryland nomination. “Both members have an F-rating from the NRA,” she continued, “so for this PAC to imply this was an NRA friendly bill … ,” before trailing off.

The ad in question, run by a group called Working For US, shows a video clip of an emotional President Barack Obama talking about gun control as he remembered the children killed at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. It then moves to Van Hollen’s support of a 2010 bill backed by Democrats that would have required more transparency in campaign finance contributions, known as the DISCLOSE Act.

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