Matthews Letter To Trone

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David Trone has run a second full page Washington Post ad defending his self-funding in the CD8 race. Kathleen Matthews is not amused, and responded.

Kathleen Matthews’ Open Letter to David Trone


You began this campaign talking about how you bought access with political contributions and lobbyists to expand your liquor business. Now you are trying to buy a congressional seat, as if it’s a fine bottle of wine. It is up to voters to decide how they feel about the $9.1 million you have already spent in this campaign.

That said, in your second printing of a full page ad in the Washington Post you refer to me as a “media celebrity.” The insinuation is that I am a “talking head.” I find this offensive.

I have worked as a local journalist for 30 years, foremost as an advocate for people in the Washington metropolitan region, where I covered education, gun violence, families facing terminal illness, the crash of Air Florida, and 9-11. I have moderated congressional debates, interviewed Presidents, presidential candidates, experts on terrorism and the economy, and yes, politicians like you running for local office. I created and hosted a show on working women that focused on the challenges and inequities women face daily in the workplace.

For the last 9 years, I was a top executive at Marriott International where the CEO has described me as a change agent who built consensus on progressive policies including environmental action, opportunity for women and minorities globally, and led initiatives that created new jobs all around the world. No celebrity in that job.

I am proud of my work – all while raising three children with my husband of 35 years – and being deeply involved in community service. It took hard work, but women and men in our district all work hard. That doesn’t make me special, but it certainly doesn’t make me a “media celebrity.” It is a derogatory term and, as a working mom, I find it offensive and uncalled for.

You can run as many ads as you would like, but when you do, I’d appreciate it if you clean up your act when referring to me.



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