Despite Fears, Maryland’s New Ballots Are Not Complicated

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You may have heard that today is the first day of early voting in Maryland’s primary. Voting runs from today until next Thursday, with the actual primary taking place on April 26.

One of the interesting developments coming into this year’s voting cycle was the change in voting system Maryland is employing. Gone are the touch screen voting machines. In are paper ballots so there can be a proper paper trail in the event of a recount.

A few months ago I had this system demonstrated for me up in Burtonsville and my initial feeling, and I was far from alone in this sentiment, is that the new voting system seemed unnecessary complicated. As it turns out, these initial feelings were incorrect. The new voting system is incredibly easy.

I went to the Silver Spring early voting location this morning, stood in line to check in; then proceeded to another line to show them I did in fact check in, was handed my ballot and was then told to go to one of the private voting booths to fill out said ballot.

If anything it gave me flashbacks to high school where I had to take tests on the old scantron bubble sheets. In the voting booth, I simply filled in the circle next to the name of the candidate I wanted to vote for, put the ballot back in the folder and proceeded to have it scanned. All I had to do here was just put the ballot into the machine, have the machine scan it, and my civic duty was complete.

So fear not the paper ballots, loyal readers. They are not complicated by any stretch of the imagination. With that said, get out and vote. The lines are short today, and to top it all off, it is beautiful out.

Prove you love America and vote, damn it.

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