Big Day Today

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Boy oh boy is it gonna be a fun Thursday. Christmas in April for Maryland political nerds. Let’s review:

We’ll continue to have fallout from the White House reaction to Donna Edwards’ sleazy superPAC ads. At least one commentator will offer an opinion that the Obama reaction should be seen as an endorsement of Chris Van Hollen. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tease, right? But I’ll have that one very soon.

After over a year of yammering and talking and obsessing and analyzing (and that’s just my activities as your faithful scribe!), early voting starts in precisely two hours. Game on.

Later today, expect the last campaign finance reports for the federal candidates to start rolling in. They’re due today.

And the fun continues tomorrow, when we get two sets of final finance reports. First, from the now ubiquitous federal superPACs. Second, from the municipal candidates in Baltimore City.

What a cornucopia of number crunchy goodness. Stick around.

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