Anthony Brown’s OMFG FEC Report

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OK, this might be the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Anthony Brown has an enormous campaign debt left over from the 2014 general election – over $400,000 to the Laborers Union at 10% interest.

Now, Brown has filed his last campaign finance report, in which he raised only $160,000, spent over $600,000, but astonishingly has loaned himself ANOTHER $400,000. Leaving him with $224K cash on hand, less than either Glenn Ivey or Joseline Pena-Melnyk.

So many questions: How is this possible? Where did he get the money? Why didn’t he use it to pay off the earlier loan? What are the Laborers going to do when they find out what’s going on here? Who is Anthony Brown going to hire to provide him with 24 hour security?

I have no idea how to process this information. The scary thing is, Brown might just win. And we could have our first ever Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing from a winning candidate before he even gets into office.

The report is here.

6 thoughts on “Anthony Brown’s OMFG FEC Report

  1. Michael Casone

    Not repaying fast enough. He’s got $400k remaining and it’s due in 2018. Shocking, reckless move.

    1. Michael Casone

      His net worth is public record. His plan to repay is win and hold fundraisers. Or default.

      From the Baltimore Sun, 2014:

      “Brown’s financial disclosure filed with the State Ethics Commission last February shows few assets to recover. According to the filing, he owns no real estate and rents his home in Bowie. He listed no debts and reported owning less than 100 shares of stock and no interest in any business.”

  2. Dan Akers

    It looks like he has assets worth 500k – 1 million. Why don’t you check his financial disclosure he had to submit to run for Congress?

    1. Michael Casone

      Yeah you’re right, I guess he can pay the loans back if he liquidates his entire net worth, retirement and all.

      C’mon, admit it. This is the equivalent of gambling your house on roulette. No thanks.


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