The Edwards Ad

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A sharp-eyed new convert to the Church of Maryland Scramble just sent me a functioning link to the Edwards superPAC ad on gun control. I love my readers.

It’s a mendacious, nasty piece of work, casting Chris Van Hollen as being against gun control when he is in fact one of the most ardent proponents of gun control in this country. It claims that the bill in question – about campaign finance reform – would have “blocked gun control.” That is a complete and total lie.

It did no such thing. Van Hollen’s DISCLOSE Act was supported by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the vast majority of the House Democratic caucus in 2010. Does Donna Edwards believe that they’re all sellouts to the NRA too? Does every policy dispute rise to the level of mortal sin?

 And before I get a bunch of emails saying that “it’s a superPAC saying those things, it’s not the candidate,” I preemptively call bullshit on that. It’s awfully convenient that the superPAC is saying precisely what the candidate is saying in public debates and has called for others to say on her website. Not offering a legal opinion, mind you, but this is a coordinated smear between the candidate and outside groups that explicitly relies on the ignorance of the target audience to be effective. Judge accordingly, folks.

So don’t try to tell me that Donna Edwards doesn’t agree with this ad. She all but begged for someone to do it.

Sometimes an ad says more about the person delivering it than anything else. This is one of those times.

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