More IE Spending In Senate Race

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John Fritze reports today on more IE spending from Working for Us, a national SuperPAC led by a personal friend of Donna Edwards, and Committee for Maryland’s Progress, which turns out to be 1199SEIU out of Baltimore, on behalf of Chris Van Hollen.

A pair of third-party groups that have not disclosed their funding began airing attack ads Tuesday as the high-profile contest for Maryland’s open Senate seat entered its final two weeks.

A union-backed group called Committee for Maryland’s Progress purchased broadcast airtime in Baltimore to run an ad that argues Rep. Donna F. Edwards is “ranked one of the least effective members of Congress.” Another group called Working For Us began a new spot claiming Rep. Chris Van Hollen crafted a loophole for the National Rifle Association.

Both ads fail to offer a fully accurate picture of the candidates’ records, and both have been put on the air by organizations that have not disclosed donors — illustrating the limited clarity voters often have when assessing last-minute political advertising.

One of Maryland’s most powerful unions, 1199SEIU, told The Baltimore Sun on Tuesday it had created the Committee for Maryland’s Progress and was funding the anti-Edwards advertisement. The group, a longtime supporter of Edwards, shocked the state’s political establishment in December by endorsing Van Hollen instead.

While I try to track down the two TV ads for your viewing pleasure, enjoy a direct mail piece from the Van Hollen-affiliated IE group that landed in mailboxes the past few days. This particular one landed in Frederick County.


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