BREAKING: NBC/Marist Poll: Van Hollen 44, Edwards 38

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A new NBC/Marist poll of 775 likely Democratic voters gives Chris Van Hollen a 44-38 lead in the Maryland Senate primary race.

Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen has a six-point edge over Rep. Donna Edwards in the Democratic race for a U.S. Senate seat from Maryland, poll results released Tuesday show.

Van Hollen commanded 44 percent of likely Democratic primary voters reached in a new NBC4/Marist Maryland Poll conducted this month. Edwards won 38 percent of likely voters.

Eighteen percent of voters were undecided in the poll, for which data on likely Democratic primary voters had a 3.5 percentage point margin of error.

Reactions from the two campaigns:

“We’re confident that voters will stand with Donna on Election Day because she’s championing the values of Maryland’s working families and taking on the Washington special interests holding them back,” an Edwards’ campaign representative said. “In Donna, Marylanders know they have a fighter who will expand Social Security, hold Wall Street banks accountable and work to end the scourge of gun violence plaguing too many of our communities.”

A spokeswoman for Van Hollen’s campaign said: “Maryland voters are clearly responding to Chris Van Hollen’s proven record of getting results and vision for the future. It’s unfortunate that Congresswoman Edwards has decided to make false attacks against Chris, which The Washington Post said were designed to mislead voters. It’s part of a cynical ploy to cover up her record of ineffectiveness, and Maryland families deserve better.”

I’m going to try to hunt down further details and/or cross tabs for analysis. First reaction is that this is a large survey – almost twice as large as the usual baseline of 400 or so voters. So the margin of error is lower, meaning that Van Hollen’s lead is just within the margin of error (+/- 3.5).

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