Senate Debate – Live Video TONIGHT

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The latest in the traveling tour of Senate debates around the state of Maryland comes to Silver Spring tonight. Hope you can come watch the latest cage match – uh, I mean “genteel and civilized debate” – between Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards live at 7:00 from the Civic Center.

But just in case you can’t make it, no worries. I’ll be broadcasting it live on Periscope. I tried to set up my YouTube account for live streaming, but I discovered that the instructions are written in some other language than English and it takes days if not weeks to set up. Plus a tetanus shot. So maybe next time.

Two ways to watch live: (1) look for a Twitter notification when I start filming. Click the link and you’re in. (2) follow me on Periscope, Jonathan Shurberg or @MdScramble. When I start broadcasting, you’ll get a notification that I’m shooting live. Click that link and you’re in.

I’ll also have the full video, barring technological catastrophe, posted on YouTube ASAP after the debate. I’ll post here with the video embedded for easy watching.

15 days to go. Early voting starts in less than 72 hours. Gonna be a wild ride, boys and girls. Check those straps and make sure they’re pulled nice and tight.

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