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I missed this on Saturday. Here’s the Post profile of CD8 candidate Dan Bolling.

For a man who wants to represent Maryland, Bolling sure talks a lot about Nebraska. He sees the Midwestern state’s nonpartisan legislature as a model to cure a dysfunctional Congress.

Doing away with party affiliation in the Nebraska statehouse, Bolling says, enabled overwhelmingly conservative lawmakers to repeal the death penalty, grant driver’s licenses to people who had been brought to this country illegally as children and increase the minimum wage (though that was done by voters, after lawmakers rejected the measure).

Congress, he argues, should follow suit: Make races nonpartisan and get rid of the whip and majority and minority leader posts designed to keep lawmakers from straying beyond the party line.

“I don’t think people in Nebraska are better than us here on the East Coast,” said Bolling. “But they have a better system.”

Bolling has never actually stepped foot in Nebraska and doesn’t have personal connections there. The state’s model attracted him when he read about it in magazines after his first run for Congress in 2012 — back in Indiana, where he grew up.

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