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Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez gets the spotlight today in CD8.

Del. Ana Sol Gutiérrez says she’s made history with each step of her political career: First Hispanic elected to a Maryland school board when she won a seat on the Montgomery County Board of Education in 1990. First Latina elected to the Maryland General Assembly, in 2002.

The Chevy Chase Democrat ­faces her toughest challenge yet in her bid to become the first Salvadoran American elected to Congress — and the first Hispanic member of Maryland’s congressional delegation.

She is one of nine candidates running for the Democratic nomination to succeed Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who is running for the U.S. Senate. In a deeply blue district, the party nominee will be heavily favored to win the seat in November.

Gutiérrez is irked by the 8th District’s reputation as home to big-name politicos in the high-end Washington suburbs. That portrait, she says, omits the ­working-class people and 22,000 Latinos who live in some of the less tony parts of Montgomery County and whose lives she has championed in Annapolis.

“It’s time for us to look at the change and reflect it in who represents us,” said Gutiérrez, 74. “I really don’t think we need to keep electing white establishment candidates.”

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