Mikulski Stays “Studiously Neutral”

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If, like me, you were expecting Senator Barbara Mikulski to have a strong reaction to yesterday’s Chris Van Hollen mail piece with her picture on it, you’re going to be disappointed. John Fritze:

Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski on Friday reiterated her desire to stay “studiously neutral” in the Democratic primary race for her seat and said she is grateful that voters have such “fine choices” in the contest.  

Mikulski issued the brief statement in response to questions from reporters about a mailed advertisement Rep. Chris Van Hollen distributed that carries the words “Maryland’s women elected leaders overwhelmingly support one candidate to carry on the legacy of Senator Barbara Mikulski” under a full-page photograph of the state’s senior senator.

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“Marylanders are very fortunate to have strong democratic candidates to choose from in the upcoming primary for the Senate seat I am vacating,” Mikulski said in the statement. “I know all the competitors and have sought to stay studiously neutral. I am so grateful the citizens of [Maryland] have such fine choices.”

The mailer itself was first reported by the politics blog Maryland Scramble.

I’m comfortable enough with my ego that I can freely admit it: I love getting mentioned.

More seriously, the conventional wisdom among the chattering classes has for a long time been that Mikulski privately favored Edwards, wanting to be succeeded by another trailblazing woman. If that was true, you’d have expected Mikulski to throw a gigantic shit fit about this mailer. Her silence is the news here.

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  1. Beth Corbin

    I must say that I hope she has privately shared her displeasure with Chris, as this was a less-than-honest thing to do if he does not have her endorsement.


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