Kathleen Matthews Profile

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The Post is working its way backwards through the alphabet with its profiles of the CD8 candidates. Today they’re on “M,” as in “Matthews, Kathleen.”

In a district where 60 percent of the most frequent Democratic primary voters are women, Matthews, 62, has built her campaign around gender and family issues. Pay equity, paid family leave, affordable child care and protection of abortion rights all figure prominently in her message, as does a vow to curb gun violence. She reminds female voters that women make up just 20 percent of Congress.

Matthews is polished and poised from her years in front of the camera and traveling the globe for Marriott. She has tried to use her prominence in local news to connect with voters on two levels: as a working mother who dashed home to make dinner and help with homework between the 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts, and as a journalist whose assignments afforded her firsthand knowledge of their problems.
“I’ve been in your communities for years, covering your schools, covering crime,” she said in Frederick.

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