EXCLUSIVE: Here’s Yet Another Mystery IE For Edwards

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Last week, we met Working for Us, a SuperPAC run by Steve Rosenthal, who it turns out co-founded Working for Us with none other than Donna Edwards. Working for Us raised precisely zero dollars in 2015, and had a bank balance of around $73,000.

The initial 48 hour report from Working for Us showed expenditures of $386,000 for canvassing. Now that same entity has filed a new report today indicating that it is spending another $596,000 on two radio ads for Edwards. That’s a total of $982,000 from an entity that had virtually no money three months ago.

Here’s a question we won’t be able to answer until next week. Where’d the million bucks come from? We are truly dealing in dark money here, folks. It’s likely that the money came from a small group of wealthy individuals – or maybe even just one. When Donna Edwards tells you she supports campaign finance reform, look at what she does, not what she says.

And we still have almost three weeks to go. Strap yourselves in. Gonna be a bumpy ride.

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