Daily IE Update

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Starting today (20 days before the primary), FEC regulations require that independent expenditures (SuperPAC spending, in plain English) be reported within 24 hours of the expenditures being made. I’m going to try (emphasis on try!) to do a daily list of 24 hour reports in the three Maryland federal races that we’re following here at Maryland Scramble. Particularly large or new committee expenditures may get their own post, depending on how much other election mishegas is going on at that particular moment.

So here’s some updates for today.

On Monday, Emily’s List filed a 48 hour report for direct mail on behalf of Kathleen Matthews in CD8 (just under $21K) and Joseline Pena-Melnyk in CD4 ($26K).

No report yet from Sierra Club Independent Action on its Van Hollen spending.

More as it happens. . . .

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