Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Win Wisconsin

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Just 20 minutes after the polls closed, Wisconsin has been called for Ted Cruz. By winning the state, Cruz picks up 18 delegates off the top.

A call this early means both races were not even close. This means Trump may come close to being shut out of the delegate count, which would put a huge dent in his chances to get the 1,237 majority he needs to clinch the nomination.

On the other side of the coin, a route is exactly what Bernie Sanders needs. With 96 delegates at stake, even with proportional allotment, Sanders looks like he may take in a pretty good haul as a result of a victory this big.

Sanders has now won the last six contests and has put Clinton on the defensive. Clinton still has a large lead in the pledged delegate and total delegate count, but New York now becomes a must win. If Clinton somehow loses the state she represented as a Senator for eight years, there will be big problems in Clinton World.

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