Primary 2016: An Update from North Dakota

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I know you were all waiting with baited breath for a North Dakota update; and we here at Maryland Scramble are here to provide it.

You may not have noticed, but North Dakota Republicans gathered over the weekend to select their slate of 25 delegates, plus three automatic superdelegates (yes, they exist in the GOP too) to send to the Republican Convention this summer.

Unlike in the majority of other states, delegates selected in North Dakota are essentially free agents who can vote for whoever they choose when they get to the convention. They are not required to declare their support to a candidate.

There were, however, a few delegates who announced who they would be supporting at the national convention. Eight of the selected delegates said they will be casting their votes for Ted Cruz, while one declared their support for Donald Trump.

The 16 undeclared North Dakota delegates can expect some pretty intense lobbying over the next few months. With the likelihood of a contested convention increasing, they could be in a unique position to help play the role of kingmaker in Cleveland this summer.

You read that right. North Dakota could be crucial in determining who the Republican Nominee will be this year. Nothing else in this race has made any sense to this point. So why not add one more item to the list?

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