CD8 Candidate Profiles: David Trone

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As it did in CD4, the Post is doing a series of profiles of the CD8 candidates. First up this morning for Bill Turque is David Trone:

Trone’s issue set is thoughtful and detailed. He shares most of his opponents’ prescriptives — higher minimum wage, fixes to the Affordable Care Act, curbs on gun violence. He wants to double the National Institutes of Health’s funding for research on cancer, autism and Alzheimer’s, which claimed his father in 2011. Trone also favors college loan forgiveness in exchange for five years of national service.

When friends ask why, at the peak of a successful career, he aspires to be a freshman back­bencher, he tells them he expects to be an exception. “I’ve been a leader all my life,” he said.

Trone has raised — and given — millions for the Democratic Party and candidates. He has also donated $150,000 to red-state Republicans, which he describes as the price of admission to make his case to regulators and officeholders. Trone insists that he has never used his access to seek tax benefits or other advantages, instead pursuing an agenda that is “100 percent pro-consumer” — such as laws allowing Sunday store hours and sales of craft beer.

Last year, he and his wife, longtime supporters of the American Civil Liberties Union, donated $15 million to study criminal justice reform. Also last year, his company gave $6 million to charities in 18 states, according to Trone.

Despite the good works, his business background sometimes kindles suspicion among Democratic primary voters in the left-leaning 8th District. As a hard-charging chief executive more accustomed to asking questions than answering them, he can turn prickly when pressed.

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