Barve Climate Change Bill To Be Signed Today

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Another marker in the ongoing “effective legislator” debate. From the Barve press shop:


Greenhouse Gas Revision Cuts Emissions, Follows Federal Plan

Delegate Kumar Barve’s bill to fight climate change has passed the Maryland General Assembly and is scheduled to be signed into law by Governor Hogan on Monday, April 4 at 10:00 at an Annapolis bill signing ceremony.

The bill will substantially accelerate Maryland’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is one of the strongest requirements imposed by a state to combat carbon pollution. The legislation tracks the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan announced during the summer and puts Maryland among the leading states in fighting climate change.

“Today, Maryland takes a giant environmental leadership step in addressing climate disruption by substantially reducing carbon emissions” said Barve, Chairman of the House Environment and Transportation Committee. “Our state recognizes the urgency and scope of the problem and will continue to work with the Obama Administration in ensuring that the we do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.” added Barve.

Barve partnered with Senator Paul Pinsky in introducing the legislation, called the Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Act of 2016, in their respective chambers. The bill will require harmful carbon emissions to be reduced by 40% from 2006 levels by 2030.

The two environmental leaders were also authors of the landmark 2009 legislation that first set goals for limiting carbon emission reductions in the state. Barve had long fought for such requirements, introducing the original emission cutting bill three years in a row before getting it through a recalcitrant legislature in 2009 after a contentious political battle. The original bill required an emissions reduction of 25% from 2006 by 2020.

Seven years later, after many cataclysmic weather events tied to an increasingly warming global climate, the updated version passed both chambers with relative ease and will be signed by a Republican Governor who recognizes the need to for the state to act.

“The bipartisan support for our Greenhouse Gas Emissions bill illustrates the recognition that Climate Change is the single most important global issue for future generations. I am proud that Maryland has come this far in the ten years since I first started proposing to cut reduce carbon emissions. However, we have much work left to do,” stated Barve.

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    What is the economic impact of these new regulations, and has any legislation been passed recently to encourage economic growth?


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