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Back on March 11, an email was allegedly sent by Nick Mosby’s campaign. It read as follows:


For the first time in a long time, Baltimoreans have the opportunity to make some real decisions about the direction of our city. We’ve got to ask ourselves some tough questions. Who is really working to help YOU?

Fortunately, our media has answered those questions for us.

According to an article by the Baltimore Sun, the former Mayor Sheila Dixon, who was shamefully convicted of embezzlement and forced to resign back in 2009, is trying to win election by taking money from the Greek Mafia, the same people she let pay $1 a year in taxes for a $95M dollar building she helped them develop at Harbor East. Dixon did that when she knew that kids like Freddy Gray in Sandtown-Winchester were hurting. But then, she also stole money from children’ right?

Another Baltimore Sun article shows Senator Catherine Pugh is taking money from big business and shady people. According to the Sun, Pugh took money from Baltimore Gas & Electric. She has also taken money from Italian people that nobody knows (The Italian Connection). “Italian Developer Armando Cignarale and his family gave Pugh $36,000. Nick Mosby would never take money from people like that and has challenged Pugh to give back all the money.

On the Mosby for Mayor campaign, we don’t want the city to go back to business as usual. Nick Mosby has never been convicted of a crime and has never received money from convicted criminals, major businesses and shady millionaires. Nick Mosby is an honest man, a family man and a man who won’t Sell-Out to others in exchange for giving the City away.

Nick Mosby is a new leader who can deliver lasting results to Baltimore. We need Nick Mosby as Mayor!

If you believe Nick can give us a better Baltimore, donate now to Nick Mosby for Mayor. We are proud to run a campaign funded by the PEOPLE. And, as the next Mayor of Baltimore, Nick Mosby will be accountable to the PEOPLE.

Help bring honesty and accountability to the PEOPLE of Baltimore!

~Mike Bland
Campaign Manager
3600 Clipper Mill Road
Baltimore, MD 21211

For three weeks after the email was sent, I understand that there was an increasing amount of discussion and chatter about the email, most of it negative.

On March 30, Mosby issued a press release and held a press conference claiming that the email had not been written by anyone on the campaign, and that the account was either “hacked” or the particular email “doctored.”

“Our campaign does not condone this type of act,” Mosby said. “It did not come from anyone in my campaign or associated with my campaign.”

A news release from the Mosby campaign said that an email account belonging to Bland had been “hacked.” But Mosby said at a news conference held at his campaign headquarters in Clipper Mill that he no longer believed that was true. He said workers checked the email account in question and found it had not been tampered with. 

“We think they doctored the email,” Mosby said. “It’s shameful if any other campaign is trying to employ these types of tactics.”

Why did it take three weeks for Mosby to disavow the email? Why hold a press conference? Why refer it to the State Prosecutor if you have no real idea what happened? None of this makes any sense, other than the clear impression being given off that the Mosby campaign doesn’t seem to have any idea what it’s doing.


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