April Fool’s Day In CD8

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CD8 candidate David Trone was the only candidate brave enough to publicly go the humor route today, not once but twice, and he scored solidly both times. And as the Snarkster in Chief ’round these parts, I’m in a position to know a little something about humor.

First up was the Trone “plan to save the U.S. Postal Service.” Not complicated at all.  

Short, sweet, funny, and self-deprecating. Well done. Grade: A.

Next up, a more substantive and pointed take on the issue of gerrymandering. The “Pick-A-Voter Tour,” featuring Poolesville resident Gerry Mander.

Ba dum bump.


Try the veal, David.

The campiness aside, the overall tone was lighthearted but substantive, pointing out the odd boundaries of CD8. Grade: B.

One thought on “April Fool’s Day In CD8

  1. Stephen Rockower (@DrBonesMD)

    Odd boundaries? Have anyone tried to figure out CD3? Yes, the broken winged Pterodactyl… But then there’s Virginia Texas, NC, etc etc etc


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