Why Elections Matter, Ad Infinitum

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Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe yesterday vetoed a “religious freedom” bill that would have given anti-LGBTQ bigots a license to discriminate freely. The bill was similar to laws enacted but then vetoed in Georgia and South Dakota, and signed by right wing governor Pat McCrory in North Carolina, once the bastion of tolerance and moderation in the South.

McAuliffe (D) vetoed the Virginia bill during a radio show.

“It’s unconstitutional. It is discriminatory,” he said on WTOP’s “Ask the Governor” program. “It demonizes folks. It brings fear and persecution. We can’t tolerate that.”

In North Carolina, businesses are pushing back against its new state law, and McAuliffe said the Virginia bill would have hurt his efforts to grow the economy.

“We need Virginia to be open and welcoming to everyone,” he said.

In a statewide poll released last month by Christopher Newport University, a majority of Virginians said businesses should not be able to refuse service to gays and lesbians based on religious beliefs.

Elections matter. Purists, delusional idealists, and “heighten the contradictions” bros, take note. Democrats good, Republicans bad.

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