Attention Federal Candidates

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I love getting emails, I enjoy reading them, and I’m not complaining about the tendency to say urgent but silly things like “give me money now or else the unicorns and puppies are gonna DIE!!!! NOW NOW NOW!!!!” in your fundraising emails. But I do care about accuracy, and it’s never good for you to send out emails that essentially shout out to the world: “hey, I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.” I’ve gotten emails today from four separate CD8 candidates urgently seeking contributions before midnight tomorrow.

Come on, guys. Seriously?

The current FEC reporting period does not close on March 31. Instead, it closes on April 6, with an electronic filing deadline of April 14. For those still in the prehistoric age who file by mail, the report must be postmarked by April 11.


Candidates: If you’re just a cynical bastard looking to create urgency for the puppies and unicorns, carry on. But if you really believe there’s a filing deadline tomorrow night, you’re welcome for the free legal advice.

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