Glendening Endorses Ivey

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Former Maryland Governor and Prince George’s County Executive Parris Glendening yesterday endorsed Glenn Ivey in the CD4 primary.

Former Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening endorsed former Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Glenn Ivey for Congress.

Ivey is running to fill the open seat in Maryland’s Fourth Congressional District.

Glendening told Prince George’s County Bureau Chief Tracee Wilkins about his support for Ivey Monday.

“My support for Glenn is not a negative about any one of the candidates,” said the former governor. “We’re actually fortunate to have a nice range here, but it’s just the knowledge he can do what needs to be done.”

Ivey is happy to have the support of his mentor during his race to Congress.

“He’s been a great mentor to me over the years, so for me it’s just a wonderful opportunity,” Ivey said.

Curious that it was the endorser who told NBC about the endorsement and not the candidate. And while Glendening and Ivey have a relationship going back almost 20 years, it’s nevertheless a solid endorsement for older voters who remember Glendening, who left the County 22 years ago and whose term as governor ended over 13 years ago.

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