CD8 Endorsements Summary

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Lou Peck in Bethesda Magazine has a very good – and thorough – summary of endorsements of the candidates in CD8. The list includes members of Congress, the Genersl Assembly, and selected organizational endorsements. It’s a long piece, but worth the read.

With four weeks to go until the April 26 primary, 40 sitting members of Congress (two senators and 38 House members) have made formal endorsements. With 188 legislators now comprising the House’s Democratic Caucus, this translates into about 20 percent of all Democratic House members voicing a preference in the high-profile contest.

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. . . while Raskin has attracted support from near-majorities of both the Montgomery County Council and the Board of Education, the two houses of the Maryland General Assembly appear to be following a “favorite son” pattern. Barve, a member of the leadership of the House of Delegates for more than a decade, has the backing of nearly a quarter of his Democratic colleagues there, while Raskin, currently the Senate majority whip, has been endorsed by more than half of his fellow Democrats in that chamber.

Notably, 13 members of the 32-member Montgomery County delegation in Annapolis have opted not offer an endorsement in the 8th District race, reflecting a discomfort among some about taking sides in a primary contest in which three sitting state legislators are among the nine candidates.

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