Barve Not Happy With Raskin Ads

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A scathing press release from Kumar Barve scorched my inbox this afternoon. The message is clear: there’s more than one experienced legislator in this race, pal.


Says “Only Jamie Raskin” Ads Should Be Taken Off Air

Barve for Congress criticized a series of “Only Jamie Raskin” TV ads unveiled by the Raskin for Congress campaign last week as misrepresenting the state legislative record of Delegate Barve and called on the Raskin Campaign to take down the ads.

Last week the Raskin Campaign issued a press release unveiling a series of three 15 second television ads. The ads claim that Senator Raskin “is the only Democrat in this race” to 1) write laws to reduce the carbon footprint & lead the fight against fracking in Maryland, 2) to author landmark progressive laws, and 3) to lead the fight for tougher gun laws.

Barve, Chairman of the House Environment and Transportation Committee, has in fact authored such bills as the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Acts of 2009 and 2016, led the fight for a fracking moratorium, authored landmark health care reform laws and led fights for gun violence prevention legislation.

“The Raskin campaign ads mispresent the record and ignore Kumar Barve’s substantial record of legislative achievement on the very issues cited in the ads,” stated Seth Maiman, Campaign Manager, Barve for Congress. “The ads falsely claim that Jamie Raskin “is the only one” of the candidates with a record of legislative achievement in these areas and should be taken off the air,” said Maiman.

Kumar Barve has served for 26 years in the Maryland House of Delegates and 12 years as House Democratic Majority Leader. His proven legislative skills has earned Barve the endorsement of every Maryland House Speaker who has served with him.

“While I am the not the only one of the 188 Members of the Maryland General Assembly responsible for moving Maryland forward on a variety of progressive issues, I am very proud of my record of accomplishment and leadership on the environment, gun control, health care reform and other progressive issues”, said Barve. “The ‘I Am the Only One’ attitude typifies something we need a lot less of in Washington,” added Barve.

Somebody better open a window. It’s gettin’ hot in here.

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