Now This Is My Kind Of Discrimination

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After the bought and paid for state legislature passed a law stripping local jurisdictions of their right to pass LGBTQ anti-discrimination laws, this sign was spotted in a North Carolina business establishment (h/t Dana Beyer on Facebook):

All kidding aside, it’s time to hit North Carolina where its business interests will hurt: no travel, no tourism, and no 2017 NBA All-Star game.

I love North Carolina, particularly the area around Asheville. I’ve made numerous trips there in the past decade, my late wife’s last vacation was a week in Asheville for spring break in 2012, and my son has gone to summer camp there for six years. I’ve also made several trips to the Outer Banks. But as long as the state supports LGBTQ discrimination, I’m not ever going back. Money is the only thing these right wing bigots respond to, so I’ll be taking my vacation money and spending it elsewhere. And you should too.

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