EXCLUSIVE: More Maryland IE Spending

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In my research into the SuperPAC spending by the humanists on behalf of Jamie Raskin, I found some interesting FEC 48 hour reports that have yet to be reported by the media. Suffice to say that with 31 days to go, this will not be the end of such reports.

1. Emily’s List reported yesterday that it is spending $25,064.55 in direct mail and $60,000 in media production and digital media buys on behalf of Kathleen Matthews in CD8. This appears to be the first independent expenditures on behalf of Matthews.

2. In addition to the $554,000 that the National Association of Realtors has spent on television ads on behalf of Chris Van Hollen, the group also reported yesterday that it is spending $371,212 in direct mail and associated costs on behalf of Van Hollen. This brings the group’s expenditures on behalf do Van Hollen to just over $926,000.

Is it my imagination, or is it gettin’ hot in here?

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