“Even Schadenfreude Has Some Limits”

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I have tried desperately to stay away from the Ted Cruz sex scandal stories today. I unfortunately failed, but then my hero, the great Charlie Pierce, summed up why the whole thing is just nausea-inducing.

The article itself is equally succinct and direct.

The latest Hot Topic deserves a good leaving alone until further developments are forthcoming. 

However, I would make five salient points.

1) True or not, this has all the earmarks of a ratfck by a career ratfcker, and I would be willing to hazard a guess that the “Washington insider” quoted by the National Enquirer is an old Nixon hand whose name rhymes with “Dodger Drone.”

2) The Enquirer itself is run by the aptly monickered David Pecker, who is a longtime Friend Of The Donald.

3) Not enough people remember Jimmy Swaggart.

4) Not enough people have seen Elmer Gantry.

5) This campaign is nowhere near as nauseating as it’s going to get.

Man, to hell with this story. Even schadenfreude has some limits.

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