Emily’s List Meets The Realtors

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Batman v. Superman? That’s child’s play compared to the Maryland Senate primary, which now features a showdown not of superheroes but of super PACs. Much scarier.

Emily’s List is a familiar figure in the Edwards-Van Hollen race, but today brings the news that the National Association of Realtors has also jumped into the race in support of Van Hollen.

A super PAC run by the National Association of Realtors has spent over half a million dollars in support of Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s Senate campaign.

The money has gone toward television and Internet advertising as well as polling in the tight Democratic primary between Van Hollen and Rep. Donna F. Edwards. The group would not disclose how much money it intends to spend or where. However, so far the group has bought time in the Baltimore television market.

“Maryland needs and deserves proven, effective leadership,” its 30-second ad says. Van Hollen, the ad says, “has delivered that leadership” by encouraging affordable home ownership.

NAR spokesman Jon Boughtin said that the group “makes targeted investments in campaigns at the request of local and state associations who help identify candidates, like Congressman Chris Van Hollen, who have a strong track record of support for homeownership.”

He would not say how much the group plans to spend on the race beyond the $554,850 already reported.

For those keeping score at home, Emily’s List still has a big edge in super PAC spending, more than $1.4 million to NAR’s $550,000.

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