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CD8 candidate Jamie Raskin has three new TV ads going on the air this week, all around the same idea – he’s the only true progressive candidate in the race. In fact, he’s not just the best candidate in this race, he’s the best candidate in America. His press release says so:

State Senator Jamie Raskin’s campaign for Congress today released its first television ads of the cycle, highlighting his record of a decade of effective progressive leadership in the Maryland Senate.

“I would put my proven record of advancing landmark progressive legislation in our state up against the record of any candidate for Congress in America,” said Senator Raskin. “I want to bring this record of results and the parliamentary skills I have gained to Congress to take on the NRA and pass comprehensive gun safety laws, to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to combat the big-money pay-for-play system in our politics, just as I have in Annapolis.”

The ads, which will begin airing in Maryland’s 8th District this week, focus on Raskin’s leadership in authoring and passing landmark progressive laws in Maryland over the last decade, including marriage equality, the Lilly Ledbetter Act for equal pay, the Green Maryland Act, and the ban on military-style assault weapons. You can find more information on Senator Raskin’s proven record of effective progressive leadership here: www.jamieraskin.com

“Despite a $5 million TV and radio ad blitz by our big-money opponents, our opponents’ polls still show Senator Raskin winning due to his message of effective progressive leadership and our record-breaking grassroots mobilization. Clearly, voters of the 8th District know the difference between talk and action,” said Marshall Cohen, Raskin’s campaign manager. “Voters want a proven leader with a proven record to follow Congressman Chris Van Hollen, who himself had a record of more than a decade of legislative service in Annapolis when he first ran for Congress.”

A couple of local Silver Spring folks (and good  friends) get some quality air time in the ads. Former MCYD President Nik Sushka gets prominent play in two of the three ads, listening intently to the candidate, while Gandhi Brigade ED Evan Glass gets face time in the marriage equality montage.

The 15 second ads, all entitled “The Only,” are below.

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