Western State Primary Results Coming Up Soon

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It is not quite Super Tuesday I or Super Tuesday II last week but more states are voting tonight.

On the Republican side, Utah and Arizona will be voting with 98 delegates at stake; 40 in Utah and 58 in Arizona. The polls in Arizona close in about 30 minutes.

Ted Cruz is set up well to win in Utah. If he gets more than 50% of the vote, which he might, he will take home all 40 of the states delegates.

Arizona looks like it might be easy win for Trump, at least the polling suggests it will be. It is a winner take all state.

On the Democratic side, Idaho will vote along with Arizona and Utah.

Given the trends of the race and the states demographics, Utah and Idaho should go to the Bernie Sanders column tonight; while Arizona is a state Clinton should win. But Sanders has done well with Hispanic voters in some of the contests this year so he could keep it close there.

There are 27 delegates at stake in Idaho, 37 in Utah, and 85 in Arizona.

I will post updates as the results come in.


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