Post Profiles The CD4 Candidates: Warren Christopher

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Continuing in its series of profiles of the CD4 candidates, today the subject is Warren Christopher.

Many of the issues Christopher cares most about — pay equity for women, rent control for seniors, benefits for veterans — stem from his personal life. His daughters informed his stance on pay equity. His relationship with his grandmother drives his fight for rent control for seniors. His struggle with obtaining benefits fuels his advocacy for veterans, a key issue in Prince George’s County, home to the largest population of vets in the state.

In a race that so far has been almost entirely polite, Christopher sometimes stands out at candidate forums for sharp attacks on other candidates. Last week, for example, he mentioned the private school education of former lieutenant governor Anthony G. Brown’s children, insinuating that perhaps his rival doesn’t support county schools.

“I’m not concerned about offending them,” Christopher said. “We have to hold everybody accountable.”

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