The Trone Factor

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Win or lose, David Trone is having a major impact on the CD8 race, and when it’s all said and done, the Post reports that he will likely have spent over $10 million on the race, more personal money than anyone has ever spent on a House race.

David Trone has until next month to report how much of his beer-and-wine fortune he’s spending in pursuit of Maryland’s 8th District Democratic congressional nomination. Until then, the first-time candidate is not saying.

“It’s going to be a very expensive race,” he said over lunch at the Silver Diner in Rockville. “Whatever it is will be too much.”

Political professionals, including consultants for opposing campaigns, said Trone is mounting what might be the most expensive self-funded House race ever, probably spending north of $10 million in his effort to win a seat representing some of Washington’s wealthiest suburbs.

He has hired top-of-the-line consultants, launched a major television and radio ad blitz, and is landing glossy multi-page mailings on the doorsteps of likely primary voters almost daily.

With five weeks until the April 26 primary, Trone’s spending appears to have easily rocketed him past Maryland’s most recent self-subsidizing politician, Rep. John Delaney (D), the health-care financier who spent $2.3 million in 2012 to oust Republican incumbent Roscoe G. Bartlett.

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