Happy Blogiversary To Maryland Scramble!

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Oh my. Has it really been a year?

Yes, it has. 366 days (it’s a leap year, remember) ago tonight, this lunatic establishment began with a single post.

Curtain up. Lights. Sound. Cue music. Here we go.

I didnt know then what would happen. I just knew that I had something to say, that others liked it, and that I needed a platform from which to say it.

Well, 1,914 posts (more than five per day, every day) later, here we are, 36 days from the primary and Maryland Scramble is a thing. What kind of thing I leave to others to define, but there’s no question it’s a part of the conversation.

How much so? Conveniently enough, as the blog turns 1 today, a major milestone will be reached. Later this afternoon if not before, we will reach 200,000 page views. Right now, just before noon, we’re at 199,591 views, with 61,765 unique visitors.

And it’s growing fast. Over 76,000 of the page views have been in the two and a half months since January 1, averaging over 30,000 per month or 1,000/day, including weekends. Over 22,000 new visitors in the same time period.

When I started, anything over 300 page views or 75 visitors in a day was huge.

To every visitor, I thank you. For every page view, I thank you. For every person who’s told me the first thing they look at every morning or the last thing at night, I thank you. For every compliment, I thank you. For every criticism and all the feedback, I thank you.

This is fun. And it’s going to get even more crazy in the next five weeks and a day.

What then? Hell if I know. I’ve got some ideas, big and small, but I won’t have time to think about any of that until the smoke clears. But I really hope you stick around and keep the madness going. It’s gonna be a great adventure, made more thrilling by the fact that it’s a group experience.

Happy Blogiversary. Me, I’m going to celebrate with an investigative field trip. Naturally.


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