So Much For That Whole #NeverTrump Nonsense

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It’s a good rule of thumb – when Mitt Romney decides to get on the bandwagon, it turns out the bandwagon departed yesterday. It’s turning out to be true yet again.

With Donald Trump marching toward a nomination that few believed he could win, Republicans once bent on defeating him are now reassessing their efforts to stop him.

Trump’s dazed and demoralized adversaries find themselves at a defining moment: After unloading millions of dollars in attack ads aimed at destroying the real estate mogul, after the party’s 2012 nominee delivered a no-holds barred speech targeting him, and after conservatives far and wide spoke out in unrelenting terms about how he could never be president, he’s more dominant than ever — with another rival vanquished, a massive delegate lead and his two remaining opponents looking increasingly like the next to go.

While some Republicans insist on standing firm against the businessman, more and more are contending that it’s time to reach a point of acceptance — and that a drawn-out primary or convention battle could be worse.

Turns out that nobody can agree on who should actually get the nomination. Cruz is almost as despised as Trump, Kasich is so weak that he can’t do anything without Cruz’s support, which isn’t forthcoming, and anyone else can’t get past the Rules Committee at the convention.

More than $10 million was spent in Florida alone to defeat Trump, and he crushed Marco Rubio by more than 20 points. Way to go, guys. Well done. Next time, just light the money on fire. That’s probably be more effective.

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