Round 2 Comin’ Up: Van Hollen/Edwards Rematch

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Two debates in one day? Oh, hell yes, please. More more more.

Tonight at the Greenbelt Firehouse, 125 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD 20770, Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen will strap on the gloves and get after it for the second time today. I’ll be broadcasting live at 7 on Periscope.

How to watch live:

(1) Get the Periscope app.

(2) Follow me on Periscope. Either “Jonathan Shurberg” or “MDScramble” should get that done. Periscope is a Twitter app.

(3) Get on Periscope right around 7. When I start broadcasting, you’ll get a notification that I’m filming live. Click that stream and you’ll see what I’m seeing.

See you at 7.

As usual, I will also post the video later tonight or tomorrow on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Round 2 Comin’ Up: Van Hollen/Edwards Rematch

  1. bcgrace

    The largest item in the USA budget is military spending. WHY? Will someone please ask them how they differentiate themselves on that issue. Which of them is willing to CUT the pentagon budget?


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