Presidential Primary 2016: An Updated Delegate Count

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Here is the most up to date count of the total delegates and popular vote received by each candidate per the amazing Greenpapers website. Instead of making a table every time I want to post these updates, I have decided to make this spreadsheet so you can keep track of things as they change. Click here to check it out.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead. This is true whether you apply just pledged delegates, or combine the pledged delegates with superdelegates.

Clinton currently has 1,585 delegates (1,122 pledged; 463 superdelegates) and Bernie Sanders has 821 (799 pledged; 22 superdelegates). Clinton is more than halfway to the 2,382 delegates needed to win the nomination. For Sanders to get the nomination, he would need to win 66% of the remaining delegates in order to get a majority.

In terms of the total popular vote to this point; Clinton leads Sanders 8,736,230 to 6,199,192. A difference of 2,537,038 votes.

For the Republicans, Donald Trump leads in both the delegate count and the popular vote. Trump has 692 delegates; Ted Cruz has 413; Rubio has 171; and John Kasich has 144. Nearly half of Kasich’s delegate total came from winning 66 of them in Ohio on Tuesday.

Right now, Trump is the only one with a realistic shot at getting to 1,237. He is over the halfway point based on his current total, but he still needs to win 53% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination before the convention this summer. It is definitely doable for Trump; but it is far from a guarantee.

The only other candidate with a “shot” to get to 1,237 before the convention is Ted Cruz. But as you can see, he would need to win 79% of the remaining delegates to get there. Good luck.

Rubio and Kasich would need to win 103% and 105% of the remaining delegates to get a majority, respectively. That means John Kasich, since Rubio dropped out, could win every single delegate from now until the last primary on June 7 and still fall short of 1,237. It’s pretty obvious he is hoping to play kingmaker at a brokered convention.

For the popular vote, it is: Trump with 7,542,566; Cruz with 5,480,626; Rubio has 3,392,520; and Kasich has 2,721,971.

So there you have it.

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