Hillary Clinton Wins Illinois and Likely Missouri

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It was close, but Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner of Illinois.

For all of the fear and panic that started up after she lost Michigan, Hillary Clinton recovered in a big way tonight. She won three swing states (Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina) by overwhelming margins. And winning in Illinois, an open primary and former rust belt state, is just icing on the cake. Many thought Sanders had another shot at an upset here.

And it turns out Clinton will probably run the table. Despite Decision Desk HQ’s call for Sanders in Missouri, Clinton is ahead by 1,199 votes with Jackson County (Kansas City) still with 11% of the vote to be counted. So Missouri looks like it will be in the Clinton column.

This is a huge sweep for Clinton tonight. Expect the calls for Sanders to get out of the race to get a little louder since it is looking like Michigan was just an outlier.

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