Updates On Missouri and Illinois

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Three more races remain uncalled tonight. Missouri and Illinois for the Democrats; Missouri for Republicans.

99% of the precincts are in for the Republicans in Missouri and Trump is leading Cruz by a little over 3,000 votes. The states 12 at-large delegates are at stake, not to mention the delegates in the states congressional districts. With Trump losing Ohio, he needs to make up some lost ground and winning Missouri will certainly help.

On the Democratic side, Clinton has held a 44,000 or so vote lead and has held it most of the night. Not sure there are enough votes out there for Sanders to overcome that margin.

In Missouri, Sanders holds a 51% to 48% lead; or 13,000 votes. About half the vote in St. Louis City is still out, but Clinton only leads there by a little over 1,300 votes. Unless there is a major swing in favor of Clinton, she will not be able to overcome Sanders’ lead there.

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