Ohio Exits Polls Show Kasich and Clinton Ahead; North Carolina has Trump and Clinton Ahead

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CNN has just released the exit polls from Ohio and things are looking good for John Kasich and Hillary Clinton.

Results show Kasich leading Donald Trump 45% to 38%; and show Hillary Clinton beating Bernie Sanders 53% to 46%.

Exits polls have also come out from North Carolina and they show Trump leading Ted Cruz 39% to 35%; and Clinton leading Sanders 54% to 42%.

As always, take exit polls with a grain of salt. But if they hold, Kasich lives to fight another day and Clinton gets a umch needed victory in Ohio. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, 47% of the cote in Florida is in and Trump is routing Marco Rubio by 20 points. If he is still in the race by noon tomorrow I will be surprised.

On the Democratic side of things in Florida, Clinton is beating Sanders by over 30%.

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