Exit Polls Released from Missouri and Illinois

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Polls just closed in Missouri and Illinois and exit polls show a very tight race on both sides.

In Missouri, the exit polls have Ted Cruz up 43% to 40% over Donald Trump; and Bernie Sanders up 51% to 48% over Hillary Clinton.

In Illinois, Trump has a lead of 38% to 34% over Ted Cruz; and Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton 51% to 49%.

The fact Cruz is keeping it close in North Carolina and Illinois, and apparently leading in Missouri suggests he could have a good showing tonight. Further solidifying his status as the leading anti-Trump candidate; even if Kasich takes Ohio.

On the Democrat side, if Bernie manages to win in both Illinois and Missouri, he will continue to have real justification to stay in this race. Clinton needs to put him away soon. Losing two rust belt states, even if they win Ohio, certainly does not help her.

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