Bernie Sanders Wins Missouri. [UPDATE: Ooops. Hillary Clinton Wins Missouri.]

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UPDATE 2 by Jonathan, 9:20 a.m. Dave Asche, not at all unreasonably, called the race for Sanders based on Decision Desk HQ’s call just before midnight. At the time, Sanders led by 12,000 votes and the vast majority of the remaining votes were in St. Louis County, which to that point was trending even. Clinton ended up winning the county by 18,000 votes, surging past Sanders just after midnight.

UPDATE 1: 12:45 a.m.Well this is the last time I trust Decision Desk HQ. They called Missouri for Bernie Sanders around 11:30 p.m. Fast forward an hour and Hillary Clinton has now been called the winner of Missouri. The sweep is complete.

So, mea culpa. Decision Desk HQ called Michigan for Hillary Clinton very early last week. I knew better then. I saw the numbers coming in and decided not to trust it. And Sanders of course won the state.

I should have known better this time around.


11:37 p.m.: Well, Bernie Sanders will not get shut out tonight. Missouri has been called for the Vermont Senator.

There is still a decent amount of votes in St. Louis to be reported but Clinton’s small margin has not increased from the 5% it was at before. So at this point the result is no longer in doubt.

After getting crushed in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and possibly losing Illinois, Bernie will eek out a victory in the Show Me State.

Congratulations, Bernie. Or something.

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