LiUNA Endorses Catherine Pugh For Mayor

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The Laborers Union today endorsed Catherine Pugh for mayor of Baltimore. Here’s the press release:

Today, in support of Baltimore’s working families and increasing access to employment that pays living wages, the Laborers International Union of North America’s (LiUNA) Baltimore-Washington Laborer’s Council (BWLDC) announced its support for Catherine Pugh in her bid to become Baltimore City’s Mayor. The endorsement was made at the Pugh for Mayor campaign headquarters.

BWLDC’s goal is to help elect a new Mayor that will fight for working families by supporting union participation in publicly funded or subsidized development projects in Baltimore. Projects built with unionized labor are good for Baltimore’s economy because they provide safe, family-supporting employment at living wages, family healthcare coverage, and a dignified retirement.

In just the past year, according to the Downtown Partnership, there are more than a billion dollars worth of construction projects happening Baltimore’s downtown area alone, with more than another billion committed for future projects. Many of these development projects are receiving, or will receive, public subsidies through the use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) or Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT). When developers and contracting companies use unionized labor and local hiring as a part of these projects, they are providing solid jobs that lead to upwardly mobile career paths for Baltimore City residents, strengthening Baltimore’s economy (and Maryland’s too).

“Residents of Baltimore City need jobs,” said BWLDC’s Business Manager Dave Allison. “Union’s like ours help workers get good jobs at fair, family sustaining wages, leading to careers and a lifetime of employment opportunities.

LiUNA’s Baltimore-Washington Council is proud to support Catherine Pugh, who believes like we do, that the path towards a better Baltimore is built through increasing access to the kinds of jobs that provide opportunities for families to grow strong. These are jobs that guarantee family sustaining wages, offer access to quality healthcare, and provide for a dignified retirement for our members. These are jobs that are good for Baltimore.”

The candidates endorsed today will help LiUNA’s BWLDC meet its goals to secure family sustaining jobs, for thousands of Baltimore City residents.

And because this is such a full service operation, I have pictures from the press conference earlier today, taken by the versatile politico Kevin Gillogly, currently a poobah with the PughPughChooChoo, as Mark McLaurin has christened the campaign.


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