Violence at a Trump Rally in Chicago: The Result of Donald Trump and the Media who Enable Him

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By now I am sure most people have heard about the horrific outbreak of violence at a Donald Trump rally in Chicago this evening. Sadly, I am not surprised. I doubt many of your are surprised either. One thing I am surprised about is the fact it took this long to happen.

Say what you want about any other candidate in the 2016 field. Democrat or Republican. From Hillary Clinton to Ted Cruz. What is happening tonight does not happen at their rallies. Ever.

Yes, people protest at their rallies. Yes, people interrupt. But nobody is physically assaulted and it sure as hell is not egged on and encouraged by the actual candidate.

This stuff happens with one candidate and one candidate only. Donald Trump. If there was any moment in time that symbolized what kind of president he would be, and what he would incite around the country, the events in Chicago tonight are it.

Add this to the long list of stories of not only peaceful protesters at his rallies being physically harmed, but the journalists being physically harmed by his campaign operatives as well. This is not how a free country is supposed to work. This is how dictators handle descent.

For me, this whole Trump candidacy stopped being funny a while ago. Unfortunately to many people, this just reinforces their support for him even more. And that is just plain scary.

And I cannot help but point a finger at the media for this too. It just blows my mind how anybody in the press these days can sit there and wonder how Trump rose to prominence in this election cycle. They ask it with a complete lack of self awareness.

The bottom line is Donald Trump is a media creation. Yes, right wing crazies deserve a lot of the blame too. What Trump as said throughout this campaign cycle has been said by Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and people on Fox News for years.

Mainstream media outlets are supposed to be better than that. Unfortunately, they stopped caring about providing actual news and information a long time ago. Now they are nothing but a bunch of whores who chase ratings and ratings alone. After all, ratings equal money, and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

It is the 24 hour cable news cycle that has spent the last 25 plus years promoting conflict, extreme points of view, and incendiary rhetoric all because it draws more people in. And the more it is in the mainstream, the more people believe it. And the more people believe it, the more people running for office make extremism their platform. And it isn’t simply having an uncompromising point of view on an issue. It is declaring anybody who disagrees with you an enemy who cannot be trusted. Now we have a government that does nothing except promote said conflict. And their largest platform is given to them by the American press.

Media people will likely feign outrage about what is happening tonight, but nothing will change. Guess who will be the lead guest on all of the Sunday shows this weekend? Guess what the lead story will be on cable news all weekend? And if you think they are going to bring in level headed people to discuss this, I have a bridge to sell you.

No, our wonderful media will use this to their advantage. Deep down inside, the corporate media executives love this. They can promote their networks coverage about what is going on, then bring on a bunch of mostly horrible people to yell and scream at each other, and even have a person or two justify this. And on and on we go. Because ratings.

The media in our country suffers from what we call Battered Spouse Syndrome. Trump plays them for suckers all the time. He held a 45 minute infomercial over the weekend where he said nothing of substance and promoted steak, water, and who the hell cares what else. And not one single network broke away from the coverage. Why? Well, I think we know the answer.

Time and time again Donald Trump demeans and belittles the press. He has journalists he doesn’t like barred from his rallies and events, and now journalists are actually being battered by his minions. He insults and talks down to journalists who dare ask him a question he doesn’t like. And yet, the media still wants more. They cannot get enough of him. He is their drug.

Is this still entertainment, American media? Is this still funny? Do you think maybe, just maybe, you can stop blowing Donald Trump every time he tells you to? Or are ratings and the almighty dollar really that important?

And as I speak right now, guess who MSNBC has on the phone? Donald Trump.

It is infuriating, but it’s fitting. They deserve each other. This is happening because of what they have done and what they have enabled.

So I say this in the most professional way I can possibly say it. Fuck you, Donald Trump. And fuck you too, American media. This is your fault and your fault alone. This is the culmination of 25 years of destroying rational thought, substantive debate, and politics itself. The chickens have finally come home to roost.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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