Cummings For VP?

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On the one hand, oh dear lord no. The man made me crazy for 11 months with the yes-no-yes-no thing. Just the rumor of this possibility conjures up nightmare visions for me:

But on the other – far more important – hand, I think this is a brilliant idea.

A vice presidential choice must represent sufficiently the losing candidate’s vision for supporters while compensating for the winning candidate’s weaknesses. While Hillary Clinton is, by her own admission, not a natural politician, Elijah Cummings is all that and with a back story, too. The son of sharecroppers with third grade educations, he is the special ed kid who was told by a school counselor he could never be a lawyer, the lawyer who counted that very same counselor among his first clients. And as the ranking Democrat on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he was an impressive wingman for Clinton during the Benghazi hearings. Cummings is also good on articulating the subtler distinctions of race and class that elude Bernie Sanders. And for all you Ready for Warren folks, over a year ago Cummings and Elizabeth Warren launched the progressive Middle Class Prosperity Project “to give a voice in Washington to those who need it most.”

No idea if there’s any validity to this rumor at all, but I for one am very much for it. Tee up that football, Congressman. I’m gonna kick it to the moon this time.

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