ICYMI: Working Families Party Baltimore City Council Endorsements 

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On Monday, the Maryland Working Families Party endorsed candidates for Baltimore City Council in 11 out of 14 council districts. Here’s the press release:

Maryland Working Families announces endorsements for Baltimore City Council

Progressive coalition pledges aggressive support of challengers and incumbents committed to changing Baltimore’s direction in run-up to April 26 Democratic Primary

BALTIMORE – Maryland Working Families announced its endorsement in eleven races for Baltimore City Council. Citing the critical need for Baltimore to change direction and elect leaders who will come together to address the needs of the entire city, the progressive organization pledged to support the following challengers and incumbents:

Mark Parker – 1st District
Brandon Scott – 2nd District
Jermaine Jones – 3rd District
Betsy Gardner – 5th District
Sharon Green Middleton – 6th District
Kristerfer Burnett – 8th District
John Bullock – 9th District
Ed Reisinger – 10th District
Dea Thomas – 11th District
Shannon Sneed – 13th District
Mary Pat Clarke – 14th District

Maryland Working Families expressed confidence that these candidates have a proven track record of fighting for Baltimore’s working families and a shared vision of a better Baltimore, where children get the support they need, adults can find good jobs, and neighborhoods thrive.

“We are committed to aggressively supporting leaders who will champion progressive issues and keep city government accountable to Baltimore’s working families,” said Charly Carter, Executive Director of MD Working Families. “Too many of our communities continue to be distressed by crime, failing schools, poor services, blight and painful inequality. All residents want a responsive and transparent council that will look beyond status quo approaches to our problems and are determined to change the city’s direction. We are confident that these leaders truly reflect Baltimore’s values, aspirations and desire for change.”

“As an affiliate of MD Working Families, we are excited to have been a part of the endorsement process,” said Pat Lippold, Vice President for Political Action at 1199 SEIU United Health Care Workers East. “We have faith that these challengers and incumbents will pursue the best interests of Baltimore’s working families.”

The endorsed candidates were selected after being assessed for their viability and record for fighting for progressive causes. They have deep roots in the community and possess diverse backgrounds and experiences. Maryland Working Families will provide them with strategic, field, and communications support and training.

4 thoughts on “ICYMI: Working Families Party Baltimore City Council Endorsements 

  1. Sean

    Why cover this labor endorsement and not others? Seems rather pick and choose your favorites here. A post with all of them would make more sense.

    1. Jonathan Shurberg Post author

      I cover stories that I become aware of. I get press releases from virtually every campaign and a number of outside groups as well. Yes, I’m for labor but instead of attacking me why not tell me what endorsements you think I’m not covering?

      Meanwhile, a full name would be nice. There seems to be a proliferation of criticism coming from people who don’t have the courage to identify themselves.

  2. Charly Carter

    Thank you for your coverage Maryland Scramble. I just want to clarify for your readers that Maryland Working Families’ is not a “labor endorsement.” While we support the contributions that the labor movement has made, and continues to make to our economy and our society, MDWF is an Independent Political Organization, whose organizational affiliates include labor unions as well as community organizations with deep roots in Baltimore City.


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