Sanders Still Ahead in Michigan

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10:05 p.m.: Well the numbers are now starting to move in Clinton’s direction. A large number of precincts just reported from Wayne County and Clinton now leads there 60.1% to 38.2%. She also cut Sander’s lead down to about 1.6%.

Half of the precincts in Detroit are still out and about 75% of the precincts in Flint are out too. Still a long way to go.

9:50 p.m.:Nearly 40% of the vote is in from Michigan and Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton 51.5% to 46.7%.

Clinton closed the gap to two points for a moment, but it has since gone back up to five and it has not budged for the last 20 minutes or so.

Sanders is keeping Clinton’s margins down in the areas she should be doing well in; Flint, Detroit, etc. If these margins hold, Sanders may just pull the upset here.

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